We are currently accepting applications for class 5th to 10th for academic Year 2018 -19.

Dates to Remmember

Dates to Remember

Pre-Examination Dates

Last Date of the receipt of Registration Form, Student List and Exam Fee to Scholars Hunt office 10thSeptember, 2018
Receipt of Study Material to the Ordered school Within 15 Days of Receipt of the application Form
Receipt of Question Papers and OMR answer Sheets to all the registered School 15thNovember, 2018

Examination and Result Dates

Scholars Hunt Drawing Exam - 2018 20thNovember, 2018
Scholars Hunt Essay Writing Exam - 2018 21stNovember, 2018
Scholars Hunt Mathematics Exam - 2018 22ndNovember, 2018
Scholars Hunt Science Exam - 2018 23rdNovember, 2018
OMR Answer Sheets Should Reach Scholars hunt office by 29thNovember, 2018
Announcement of Results First Week of January - 2019
Receipt of Scholarships and Awards March - 2019